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Whatever the cause EventForge has a solution


Customized event websites, portals, registration, volunteers, e-commerce storefront and so much more.

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Quick & easy donation campaign pages and forms. Easy to setup and easy to share.

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The heart of every EventForge fundraising effort is the campaign. Start and stop, automate and manage easily.

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Engage a world of audiences by leveraging your fans and supporters and all their connections.

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Enliven a positive war of funding for your cause through simple yet robust crowdfunding tools.

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The EventForge Platform combines simplicity and ease-of-use with robust fundraising tools, functionality and the most modern online technology software available. Our platform allows campaign admins to quickly and easily navigate their organization's campaigns, spin-up new campaigns, and elevate fundraising totals all while keeping a list of supporters engaged and growing.

Quick, easy, and intuitive

EventForge's administration and user area interface is lightyears ahead of the norm. We've treated visability and user-simplicity as a #1 priority for our platform users. Stop fielding frustrated calls and complaints from users who can't use your campaign website.

Obvious and clean user management

EventForge takes pride in our ability to deliver a full-featured, robust yet incredibly intuitive and simple-to-navigate user management interface. From the simple updates to the complex, it's all available through only a few clicks on one primary panel.

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Administrator Heaven

Years of frustrating administrative panels and clunky, over-complicated platforms almost drove our founder insane. Luckily, she put her energy to good use and spearheaded the development of EventForge instead. The EventForge Platform has evolved what it means to administer a fundraising campaign. We've designed clean, obvious and inuitive navigation and tools which even the pickiest aministrators will find easy-to-use. At the same time, EventForge is beautifully robust and fully capable of providing the power and options needed to run even the biggest fundraisers and events.


EventForge has evolved the tired administrator panel for event and campaign management. With one, centralized dashboard and a clever, sensible navigation structure, EventForge gives our admins an obvious, clean and user-centered interface. These improvements to the norm leads to a more productive management process for our admins, much to their enjoyment.

Giving admins freedom to move

We understand that sometimes you need to move quick on ideas and opportunities. The last thing an admin needs is an old, clumsy and unresponsive administrative panel getting in the way when opportunity is knocking. With easy-to-find tools and panels, one-click duplication, and a suite of automation tools, EventForge takes "quick campaign" setup to a whole new level.

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The EventForge Difference Makers

Here's why EventForge is worth making the jump onto a new fundraising platform.

Grow Fundraising Easy peer-to-peer engagement Marketing automation
E-Commerce store with auto inventory Customizable reports Highly unique campaigns
Automate your campaigns Hosted on our servers Lower pricing and fees
Clean, modern and intuitive design Donations Email customization

Unique. Powerful. Effective.

Fundraise like never before. Acheive a new level of engagement with your supporters and their networks by utilizing EventForge's dynamic toolset.

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EventForge is Unique

Customizable, flexible and still easy-to-use. EventForge offers an incredible level of detailed control over images, colors, menus and more. But we didn't stop there. EventForge has even provided terminology and lexicon controls into the platform allowing admins to have word-perfect control over their campaigns.

EventForge gives it up to those with a desire to take an idea and truly craft their perfect vision of their fundraising project.

EventForge is Powerful

EventForge has been crafted to fit most models and needs that today's admins come across. We've built a platform that's able to anticipate even the most unique needs that our client's campaigns might level against them, and we've solved them. From content control, look and feel, payment options, e-commerce solutions and even an onboard team of designers and marketers. EventForge is the right solution for your causes uniqueness.

Every admin needs software that can shift and flex with their needs, while still being strong enough to answer the call. EventForge is that software.

EventForge is Effective

At the end of the day, the single biggest objective for any fundraising or event management software is its ability to deliver the return our clients are after while still providing a simple to use interface, robust reporting and intuitive user management. EventForge squarely focuses on delivering our clients the ability to drive new revenues and expand current revenues.

The right software partner should provide new ideas, new potential and the tools and structure to bring those ideas to life in an organization's campaigns. EventForge can.

Engage Users And Their Networks

Why limit your cause's potential by using low-performance and disconnected platforms? EventForge gives your supporters and participants a plethora of sharing and engagement tools to enlist more attention and support for your campaign across social, email and other channels.

Grow Your Numbers

After all - the main focus of fundraising is... raising funds! Choose a platform that has, at it's core, that very goal. EventForge offers an amazing feature set built to drive your fundraising totals higher than ever before.

EventForge's Fan Testimonials

The EventForge platform drives your campaign's potential for success through the roof. Listen to the testimonies of our current partners.

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