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Discover EventForge
Discover EventForge

Control your fundraising efforts like never before - find funds you didn't know existed.

Enabling your foundation's success
EventForge was crafted to bring wins

EventForge offers tools to increase the potential for your supporters to give more, purchase more, and drive your numbers higher.

  • Runs and Walks
  • Golf Outings
  • Dinners and Galas
  • Fundraisers
  • Donation Drives
  • Special Events

EventForge was an idea inspired by a need our founder saw in the fundraising space. It was built to give event and campaign managers a tool which leaped obstacles they were commonly facing on older platforms. These obstacles were difficult if not impossible to deal with, they sucked time and resources and prevented organizations from running successful campaigns and growing their missions.

  • Clunky, underperforming platforms
  • Lacked awareness and sharing tools
  • Required a developer to manage
  • Too much time needed to run platform
  • Look and feel was unprofessional
  • Frustrating tools, functions and errors

EventForge is a massive step forward from old platforms, built to give fundraising success across all viable metrics.

If you've struggled with older tools, it's time you try EventForge. Prepare to be amazed.

About EventForgeThe Founder

Ann Harrington

With over 20 years experience in marketing, advertising and client relations, Ann holds a BS in Communications with an emphasis in Advertising and Art. She started her career as an Account Executive with a small ad agency and has refined and honed her skills in communications and service ever since. Most importantly, Ann is the founder and current Executive Director for a non-profit organization which holds a large, annual fundraising event. This event and the frustrations, problems and failures she has encountered with other online fundraising software was the driving factor and catalyst in the creation of EventForge.

Ann Harrington | CEO and Co-Founder

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