Our Mission

EventForge's mission is to deliver a marketing, fundraising and registration platform far superior to the options currently available to event organizers.

Our Goals

EventForge's goal is to provide a platform and support team that works with and empowers event organizers. Where software and "solutions" have previously failed organizers and managers by burdening them with the hassle of managing unruly and chaotic registration platforms, EventForge will change the game.

EventForge delivers on four primary pillars that makes our solution the strongest and most professional option for today's ever-busier event manager.

1. Custom

A custom-forged website sits at the core of EventForge's solution. No longer will you be required to deal with an unprofessional and under-performing template website for your events.

2. Support

EventForge's own developers and marketers stand behind EventForge and are ready to help our clients in any task at hand to ensure the ultimate success of your event.

3. Design

We are a design and marketing team from the ground up and we've been honed and refined in experience. Our knowledge marketing and designing for audiences of all kinds, corporate, non-profit and consumer reflects strongly in the superior creative that EventForge offers its clients.

4. Always-on

EventForge is designed to provide life-changing solutions to our event organizer clients that other platforms just don't seem to get. One of these feature sets is an always-on marketing campaign designed to keep your audience engaged year-round on your event.

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